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Tianjin zhongxin zhiguan information Co., LTD is a holding subsidiary of Tianjin Meiteng Technology Corporation with ¥20 million registered capital, which as an innovative company, specializes in development, integration, design, engineering and sale of intelligent plant and industrial internet of things, industry informatization and intelligent solution.

Intelligent CHPP is based on traditional industry automation to utilize internet, IoT, data analysis, cloud calculation technologies to realize connections between machine and machine, between person and person, and between person and machine, and realize basic industrial enterprise information management and intelligent operation process control  by bringing in delicacy management philosophy and using tablet computer, mobile phone, PC, intelligent wearable device as carrier so as to improve management efficiency, reduce human interference and operation cost, optimize product structure, increase economic benefit and finally build up high efficient, energy-saving, green, environment friendly and comfortable humanized intelligent CHPP.

Zhigongkaiwu platform applies to coal mine operation and work site and serve for operation on-site based on digital network, which realizes multi-dimensional connection between machine and machine, between machine and person, and between person and person.